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Disaster planning must be a top priority for all organizations to prevent data loss and maintain business continuity in times of crisis. In reality the day-to-day operations usurp the essential time of IT professionals to devote and thoroughly plan for an unforeseen critical event such as a critical disaster.

If your organization is absent of a Business Continuity Policy or an outdated plan, Covert Threats experts can assist your organization in the development and implementation of one catered towards your organizational needs.

Our BCP Process Simplified

1. Business Impact Analysis

A Business Impact Analysis allows your organization to develop an understanding of how tolerant a business process is in respect to business disruption, the effect of supply to the process, and the ability of resources to deliver on its commitment to support the process during a loss of service.

2. Technology Strategy

Designing an appropriate network with just right balance of technology, manual human intervention and budget is key to success during this phase.

3. Documentation

Having documentation that contains not only a business resumption plan at an enterprise level, but one that also contains individual departmental recovery procedures will cut your losses dramatically.

4. Testing

Testing your plan regularly and making adjustments to the documentation and procedures after every test and system change or update are critical to successful execution of your plan during that time of crisis.

Cyber threats can be devastating to an organization, which is why it is critical at all times your organization can continue to function during a crisis. BCP assists your organization to anticipate incidents which may affect mission critical business functions, and ensures your team can respond in a controlled and planned manner that allows minimal loss of business and productivity. Additionally, your vendors and service providers must demonstrate resiliency with respect to cyber threats as mandated in FFIEC Appendix J.

At Covert Threat our industry leading cyber experts offer a wide range of business-related experience enabling us to provide your organization with a clear assessment of your risk and insightful recommendations that will assist your organization recognize the benefits of “Business Continuity Management” including process review and redesign, incident response planning and risk management.

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