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Covert Threat is a cyber-security consultancy firm founded to fix a vital problem: Providing businesses with a clear image of their security posture, with detailed recommendations to minimize risk, remain compliant with less financial costs.

Majority of businesses trust third party cyber-security consultancy companies to conduct assessments on their environments to evaluate areas of concern, provide an accurate report on findings with the necessary remediation steps. Unfortunately, these third parties are interested in making a financial return on their investment using enterprise scanning tools with minimal to no manual validation of the vulnerabilities. Leaving their customers with a limited view of their security posture and at times chasing false positives from an automatic generated report.

Covert Threat was founded by several former CIOs, CTOs and CISOs. We are geared towards assessing, securing, and managing our customers’ cyber risk. Our proven process analyzes areas your organization is most vulnerable and methods to minimize your risk, save you money and time to do what you do best.


At Covert Threat, security is second-nature. Our innovative cyber security services are best in class and proven to beat hackers by protecting your organization from malicious attacks. Our industry leading experts are fully equipped with knowledge, experience and industry recognized qualifications and certifications from credited institutions such as GIAC, ISACA, ISC2 and EC-Council.

Covert Threat provides everything your organization needs to beat and remain one step ahead of hackers while staying secure online. Services such as regular vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, digital forensics, code reviewing, vCISO and other consultancy services allow your organization to thrive in business while remaining secured.


We pride ourselves in securing our customers’ environments. Covert Threat’s team of industry experts are spread throughout the United States and Australia. We can firmly say we’ve been in your business, talking to your boards, and solving your security mission-critical problems. Our experts are former CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, business owners, and security professionals.

Our diverse team of experts knows what it is you need to stay compliant and increase the quality of security within your business at the right cost – no more, no less.

"your trust, our security"

Your Trust, Our SECURITY

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